We all live in interesting times, and our lives are chock-full of stories of wonderful encounters, amazing incidents and remarkable events. Each one of us has a story about our life to tell. The story could be about a personal achievement, a personal struggle, overcoming a hurdle or an impediment, recognizing somebody's contribution to your life/career, love, sacrifice, betrayal, abuse, relationships, events at the workplace, life-changing encounters, etc.

We at omygdala are very interested in hearing your stories and giving you the opportunity to share it with the world. If you have a story that can help someone, empower someone, guide someone, educate someone, inspire someone, encourage someone, then, please consider sharing the story/anecdote with the readers of this blog by writing to us at: anecdotes at omygdala dot com (format email address correctly before clicking 'Send')



There is a hidden author in all of us, biding its time to be given the opportunity to write an article or, better yet, a book. We at omygdala are looking for talented and aspiring writers who could write for us. The articles could be in any subject matter, provided they adhere to the following writing rules and standards.

  1. The article should be original content. We will not publish duplicate contents, plagiarized contents, scraped contents, stolen contents, etc. Be creative, write about a subject matter you are passionate about and contact us; we will review the article and help you in publishing it on our site.
  2. The article should be between 1000 to 1200 words.
  3. The article should be in English.
  4. The article could cover any subject area--Technology, Health, Science, Politics, Economics, Management, Leadership, How to…, Top 10s,  etc.
  5. The article can be an opinion piece, a critique about something, a story about life-changing events, revealing encounters, humorous incidents, personal experiences, etc. You can write about anything and everything, but it has to be original and unique content.

If you would like to be a contributing author, then, please write to us at: contribute at omygdala dot com (format email address correctly before clicking 'Send')



If you would like to report an abuse or any undesireable behaviour, then, please write to us at: abuse at omygdala dot com (format email address correctly before clicking 'Send')



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