Curving rail tracks

Has humanity lost its way in its pursuit of everything that is “me, me and me”. Have we lost track of what’s most important in life? ©

To crowdsource empathy!*

*It seems that we have lost our ability to feel someone else’s pain. Many of us have become too selfish, self-centered, materialistic, and vacuous. That’s why people applaud when a dying dad and his sick son are booted off a plane.

Empathy, it seems, is dead! Long live empathy!

However, I would like to revive or resuscitate or resurrect empathy, because it is through empathy that humanity can move towards a better and safer world. I hope you all can help me with this noble endeavour.


Forked rail tracks

Without a fork, there is no changing direction. ©

  • To make some sense as to why horrible managers and fake leaders are ensconced at every level of almost every organization.
  • To help prepare new hires for the grueling corporate life by sharing lessons learned from my days in the corporate world.
  • To identify true leaders, be it at home or at work, who remain unrecognized because they refrain from hogging the limelight.
  • To recognize people who have made a difference in our lives.
  • To shed light into bad managerial practices that plague many organizations.
  • To provide a platform to people to anonymously share stories about experiences at their workplace.
  • To remind everyone that we all are entitled to a few unalienable rights granted by our “Creator”—life, liberty and pursuit of happiness—all of which are in danger of being eroded away by the overreaching arm of governments.
  • To criticarously (critically + humorously) examine everything that is messed up with the modern life. Nothing’s off limit.


Straight road

Look closely, your view changes, perspective transforms and a vision emerges. ©

To pay it forward and to help effect a change—however small may it be—by being the change you want to see in this world.*

*This quote is commonly misattributed to Gandhi, who is often misspelt Ghandi. Yes, I know. Pisses me off, too!

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