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A few reasons why we should say polyticks and polytickcians instead of politics and politicians…

Politics is derived from the Greek word Politiká, which mean “affairs of the cities” or “civic affairs“. Put differently, politics is about governance, the power of governing, or the “organized control over a human community, particularly [by] a state.” Politics, as per the dictionary, means the art and science of government. Therefore, a politician, by… Read More »

FAQs on politicians: a primer for all the wannabe politicians and their toadies.

I love politicians; they are the bestest, awesomest, wonderful-erest dude, dudettes and duderinos you can find anywhere on this planet. Heck, you wouldn’t find such fine people in this whole universe or twini-verse, tripni-verse or quadrini-verse; and that’s a lot of ‘verse’, right there. Basically, they are the supermen/superwomen of this planet. I look up… Read More »