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Why do many relationships run into troubled waters? Is it mostly lust and not love? Why many couples get it so wrong?

I am sure we all have heard about people—famous and otherwise—falling in love, starting a relationship, getting married and then divorcing a short time later. For some, the divorce may happen within a year’s time. I could never wrap my head around how and why many relationships go sour and go south so quickly after… Read More »

Omygdaily – May 12 2016

A compendium of news/articles/videos/pictures/events/stories that triggered the “Oh my god alarm!” Omygdaily – May 12 2016 will discuss: The revelation that the 2013 explosion at a Texas fertilizer plant was deliberate. In other words, it was a sabotage. Who in their right mind would do something like this? Scientific studies with multiple caveats, maybe? Or, maybe, scientific… Read More »