Omygdaily – July 05 2016

By | July 5, 2016

A compendium of news/articles/videos/pictures/events/stories that triggered the “Oh my god alarm!” Omygdaily – July 05 2016 edition will discuss:

  • A new medical condition called a ‘selfie elbow’.
  • If women wear makeup to a job interview, men think they are ‘prestigious’ and women think they are ‘dominant’.
  • Crazy climbers scaling insane heights.
  • VR sex and porn in Japan. You cannot make this s**t up.

Omygdaily – July 05 2016


We have a new medical condition, folks; it is called a ‘selfie elbow’. I kid you not. (Read More)

It seems this new medical condition is similar to the carpal tunnel syndrome epidemic that was supposed to destroy the lives of computer users? I still remember those ominous predictions from ‘experts’ about limiting our use of electronic devices because we may become incapacitated by carpal tunnel syndrome. Now, years later, we realize that much of what was predicted then was nothing but hyperbole. I am not saying that carpal tunnel syndrome is not prevalent, it is; however, the scale of its prevalence is not as much as was originally predicted by the ‘experts’. 

Furthermore, do you know what has surprised me the most? It seems, there is no medical condition associated with excessive texting. ‘They’ have come up with something for selfies, but, to the best of my knowledge, there nothing for texting, yet. With texting being the de-facto communication medium for many people, I wonder why the ‘(wo)men behind the curtains’ haven’t come up with a medical condition called ‘texting thumb condition‘ or ‘texting digit syndrome‘. There is money to be made here, by exploiting the gullible masses.

May I recommended a business strategy to them? Firstly, have a few ‘experts’ come up with a new medical condition associated with excessive texting. Secondly, seek money from the government to do some additional research on this condition.  Next, publish some findings and develop a new drug or surgery for curing or preventing this syndrome. Then, have doctors prescribe this drug or recommend the surgery to all afflicted with this syndrome. Finally, sit back, relax, and start minting money. With billions of people texting nonstop everyday, this new medical condition can be a very creative way for researchers, hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, and drug companies to make billions of dollars in revenue and profit.

Now, since I am handicapped by a ‘selfie elbow’ and a ‘texting digit syndrome’, can somebody market this idea of mine? Just give me 1% of the profits? Bien?

By the way, why is it called a “selfie elbow” condition? Don’t you have to bend your wrist awkwardly, too, to take a selfie? Hence, shouldn’t there be a separate medical condition called “selfie wrist,” or can we club the conditions together and call it a “selfie wrist elbow” or a “selfie elbow wrist”? Curious mind wants to know.


If women wear makeup to a job interview, men think they are ‘prestigious’ and women think they are ‘dominant’. Let me tell you what they actually think. (Read More)

Yesterday, we discussed the findings of a study on exposing some skin to get called for a job interview. Today, we will talk about another study conducted by a university in Scotland on wearing makeup to a job interview. According to the results of this study, men think women are ‘prestigious’ if they are wearing makeup, whereas, in the case of women, they consider women with makeup as ‘dominant’. 

Let’s talk about the men first. Most, if not all, men are pigs. When men say, ‘prestigious’ they are hinting at something else. What they actually mean by ‘prestigious’ is, “Man, she is hot; can I take her to bed?” Now, what has ‘prestige’ got to do with this? In the world of men, the more women you sleep with, the more alpha male you are, and the more prestigious you are to the beta males in the group. In a man’s world, it is a badge of honor to lay women by the dozens.

Now, let’s talk about women. The study found that when they say, ‘dominant,’ women actually meant ‘jealousy and threat potential’. So, why are they masking their response? Because, telling the truth will reveal the fact that many women are jealous of their attractive counterparts. It is also my assertion that, often, a woman is another woman’s worst enemy. 

Now, wait, let me finish my drink, before y’all shoot me.


If you suffer from vertigo, don’t watch these videos. Crazy climbers scaling insane heights. (Read More)

These guys are nuts! I don’t have the stomach to undertake such dangerous climbs. Kudos to them for having the courage to do what they do. I do realize that it requires skills and guts, and they get their adrenaline rush by pulling off those stunts; however, just don’t get hurt or killed. 


VR sex and porn in Japan (Read More)

Virtual reality porn in Japan? The world is going to hell in a handbasket. 

In a country that is experiencing a shrinking population, where birth rates are declining precipitously, where young people have stopped having sex, where a married man finds love in a sex doll, where a third of the population thinks marriage is useless, where you have ‘cuddle cafes’ to cuddle with a stranger, somebody had the brilliant idea to come up with an event called Adult VR Fest 01, which had to be called off because of overcrowding. You cannot make this s**t up. Humanity is indeed in trouble.

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