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Emma John!

Me: “Hello! Yes, can’t hear you. The connection is shoddy. Could you speak in English and a bit louder, please?“ Voice at the other end: “(Inaudible) … Emma John…“ Me: “What now?“ Voice at the other end: “(Inaudible)… from Emma John… (inaudible)“ Me: “Emma John?“ Voice at the other end: “Yes, Emma John. Your package… Read More »

Here are a gazillion reasons why you shouldn’t be on social media.

The news out of the social media world today is that the CEO of AirAsia, Tony Fernandes, has quit Facebook in protest, after videos of New Zealand mosque attacks were posted on the platform. Fernandes tweeted saying that Facebook needs to “clean up and not just think of financials” and that “The amount of hate… Read More »

All this hullabaloo surrounding New Year and Happy New Year greetings are a load of codswallop and not even worth a picayune.

I ran into a casual acquaintance, today, who first wished me a happy new year, then gave me a hug, and finally wanted a selfie with me. 21 days into 2019, and he wishes me a “Happy New Year.” This got me thinking, how far into a new year are you allowed to wish a… Read More »

A few reasons why we should say polyticks and polytickcians instead of politics and politicians…

Politics is derived from the Greek word Politiká, which mean “affairs of the cities” or “civic affairs“. Put differently, politics is about governance, the power of governing, or the “organized control over a human community, particularly [by] a state.” Politics, as per the dictionary, means the art and science of government. Therefore, a politician, by… Read More »

Homo bloviatus and Indian news television channels: A study on the origin and evolution of a new species of humans.

The scientific name of humans is Homo sapiens. Carl Linnaeus in 1758 had coined this taxonomic term. ‘Homo‘ means ‘man‘ and ‘sapiens‘ mean ‘wise‘. In other words, Homo sapiens is Latin for wise man. Wise man? O RLY? Fuggedaboutit. Humans may have been wise once, but many aren’t wise now. Many of us are dumber… Read More »

Nation builder vs. ordinary citizen… according to IT Department/CBDT

Did you know that only taxpayers contribute to nation building, and those who do not pay any taxes are just ordinary citizens. That’s how, it seems, the Income Tax Department and Central Board of Direct Taxes categorize the citizens of this country. Recently, I came across this ad/announcement from the Income Tax Department/Central Board of Direct… Read More »

FAQs on politicians: a primer for all the wannabe politicians and their toadies.

I love politicians; they are the bestest, awesomest, wonderful-erest dude, dudettes and duderinos you can find anywhere on this planet. Heck, you wouldn’t find such fine people in this whole universe or twini-verse, tripni-verse or quadrini-verse; and that’s a lot of ‘verse’, right there. Basically, they are the supermen/superwomen of this planet. I look up… Read More »

Security guards in India—the incompetent “protecting” the clueless

Do you work for a multinational conglomerate? If so, then, your workplace is probably a multi-storey building with a few entrances and exits. To protect those point of entries and exits, and to also provide a safe working environment, in your workplace, you’ll notice security guards stationed at various entrances and exits to monitor traffic—both… Read More »

What’s Facility Management got to do with the art of thievery?

What comes to mind when somebody mentions Facility Management? Workplace space allocation, catering, security, fire safety, operational, cleaning, business continuity planning, etc.? Yes? Then, you are correct; mostly, that’s all to Facility Management. Well, mostly, that is, until you pull back the curtain to reveal some ugly truths. Did it ever cross your mind that vendors have to pay… Read More »

Omygdaily – July 05 2016

A compendium of news/articles/videos/pictures/events/stories that triggered the “Oh my god alarm!” Omygdaily – July 05 2016 edition will discuss: A new medical condition called a ‘selfie elbow’. If women wear makeup to a job interview, men think they are ‘prestigious’ and women think they are ‘dominant’. Crazy climbers scaling insane heights. VR sex and porn in Japan. You… Read More »

Omygdaily – July 04 2016

A compendium of news/articles/videos/pictures/events/stories that triggered the “Oh my god alarm!” Omygdaily – July 04 2016 edition will discuss: Avenge a murder by raping a 10-year-old. Reveal some skin in the photograph included in your résumé and get called for job interviews. Only applies to women, it seems. Men don’t try this, you will get arrested for… Read More »