Omygdaily – June 1 2016

By | June 1, 2016

A compendium of news/articles/videos/pictures/events/stories that triggered the “Oh my god alarm!” Omygdaily – June 1 2016 edition will discuss:

  • Fire in army ammunition depot that kills 17 and injures 19;
  • Slavery in India. India tops the list;
  • Failed “virginity test” (shaking my head);
  • Stuck in a machine… a washing machine;
  • Alligators eating human remains in Florida and
  • Exoskeletons for the “killing machines”


Fire in army ammunition depot kills 17 and injures 19. (Read More

Indian armed forces seem to be hit by such disasters once every few years. Lives are lost, enquiries are opened and closed, remedial measures are recommended, taxpayers’ money are wasted, but nothing changes. A few recent incidents that come to mind.

  • On March 28, 2014, a C-130J aircraft of the Indian Air Force, crashed shortly after takeoff, killing all five crew members. The cause of the crash was attributed to pilot errorwake turbulence. It beats me how an experienced pilot of the Indian Air Force is not aware of the hazards of wake turbulence at low altitude. Cost to the taxpayers? INR 900 crore.
  • In 2013, INS Sindhurakshak sank in the Navy’s Mumbai dockyard, killing 18 crew members, after catching fire due to the explosion of two warheads. The cause of the blast was attributed to crew fatigue and violation of safety rules and Standard Operating Procedures. Although the submarine was salvaged, it will probably not be reused. Cost to the taxpayers? In hundreds of crore.
  • Since 2000, there have been 8 other instances of fire in army ammunition depots across the country? That’s a lot of fire, at regular intervals, which is costing the taxpayers a lot of money. Can somebody explain to me the cause(s) of those fires—sabotage, safety violations, enemy action? The accidents are always covered by the MSM, but never the cause(s) behind them. Journalism at its best. The worst part is that nobody seems to be held accountable.

Say what now?

This is so sad. India has the highest number of modern slaves. (Read More)

  • The Global Slavery Index Organization has released its 2016 report on slavery conditions worldwide, and, we shouldn’t be proud of this, India tops the list with 18.35 million modern-day slaves. Worldwide, 45.8 million people are trapped in the vicious cycle of slavery. With 18.35 million, India accounts for close to 40% of the modern-day slaves. Some of the areas of the economy where slavery is prevalent includes: construction, manufacturing, agriculture, domestic work, forced begging, prostitution, forced marriage, forced recruitment for armed services.

Marriage ends after failed “virginity test” (Read More)

  • I don’t even know how to respond to this article. I may sound harsh, but such men should not be allowed to dilute the gene pool. You must be a special kind of stupid to test for “virginity” by following the directives of a “caste panchayat.” What’s more infuriating is the girl and the girl’s family coming forth with excuses. The girl is claiming that she failed the “virginity test” because she was exercising a lot in preparation of joining the IPS. The girl’s family, on the other hand is asking for a second chance from the “caste panchayat”. What, a second chance? Are you folks out of our mind? You should have kicked the groom on his “bingbong” and thrown him out of the house? Why don’t you tell the idiots in the “caste panchayat” that it is the groom who cannot consummate the marriage because of, you know, wink-wink, nudge-nudge? Ron White is right, “You can’t fix stupid,” and it seem that the world is full of ’em.

Stuck in a machine… a washing machine. (Read More)

  • …unidentified man accidentally got his head stuck inside the machine while trying to fix the drum…” How did he manage to do that? I am more interested in knowing that bit. That should be an article in itself.

Alligators eating human remains in Florida (Read More)


Exoskeletons for the “killing machines” (Read More)

  • This is what’s wrong with the humans. We spend billions of dollars to build perfect killing machines, but spend pittance to bring about peace. I hope our kids and our grandkids learn to do things differently.
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