Omygdaily – June 22 2016

By | June 22, 2016

A compendium of news/articles/videos/pictures/events/stories that triggered the “Oh my god alarm!” Omygdaily – June 22 2016 edition will discuss:

  1. Rape being part of the initiation process in the Australian military. This practice has gone on since the 1960s and has recently come to light. Can anyone say cover-up? Reminds me of the movie, The General’s Daughter.
  2. Archeologists discovering hidden cities buried in the forest of Cambodia. 
  3. The perks of being beautiful or handsome. Phew, that was a close call! I have nothing to worry about in that department.


Get raped or rape someone as a part of the initiation process in the Australian military, a practice that has gone on for the past 50 years or more. Imagine that. (Read More)

So, this is what serving the nation is all about. Makes complete sense, doesn’t it? If these folks are acting like animals during their training regimen, then, imagine what they will be like in the battlefield. They will probably lose their humanity and run amok, killing anyone and everyone in their path. Abu Ghraib anyone?  Collateral Murder anyone?

Such incidents are also prevalent in the US military—”a force for good”. According to Pentagon, in 2015, a total of 6083 incidents of sexual assault were reported by the US military service members. What is most alarming in all this? Report it and your career is destroyed. Read the linked article to be shocked and disgusted at what takes place in US military, which is supposed to be the “force for good that is spreading freedom around the world“. If this is what happens in the armed forces of first world countries, imagine what takes place in the armies of third world countries.

A certain unknown military person had made this observation, “Mostly, two types of people join the militarypoor people trying to escape poverty, and psychopaths who would like to kill and get paid for it. Very few people join the military because they are patriotic and would like to serve the nation. And this applies to militaries worldwide.” I scoffed at his observation, then. Nowadays, not so much. I guess this explains why the “devil incarnate” Henry Kissinger had said, “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.


“…a terrible omen for modern civilization.” How so? Hyperbole much? (Read More)

After reading this article a couple of times, I haven’t been able to identify the omen. According to thefreedictionary, an omen is “a phenomenon [that is] supposed to portend good or evil; a prophetic sign.” So, this gentleman writes an article about Angkor Vat, and how an archeologist using the Lidar technology has discovered medieval cities hidden under the forest floor. The author then goes on to mention how this discovery will force us to rethink our current understanding about the collapse of ancient civilizations. I think he is hinting at AGW, and how it might cause the present civilization to collapse. However, using one data point and extrapolating it to be an “…omen for modern civilization” is a stretch in my opinion. But to each his own.


If being beautiful or handsome has its own drawbacks, then, being beautiful or handsome without brain is a curse. (Read More)

Yes, indeed, there are many perks in life, if you are beautiful or handsome. If you are a beautiful woman, then, the world of men will bow at your feet. If you are a handsome man, then, women will bare their souls, and a few other things, to you. If you are neither, then, you are SOL.

In my case, I am quite content being myself. I am drop dead ugly, piss poor and a brown skin dolt. Only a few people know me, a few people notice me, a few people recognize me, and a few people interact with me. I am the average Joe. My life is simple, which is great because a simple life is very underrated.


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