Omygdaily – June 23 2016

By | June 23, 2016

A compendium of news/articles/videos/pictures/events/stories that triggered the “Oh my god alarm!” Omygdaily – June 23 2016 edition will discuss:

  • Bystander effect. How humans have become inhuman. 
  • “Boringwood superplanet” says “he felt like a raped woman.” Now, Indian Olympic Association is thinking of dropping him as the Goodwill Ambassador. Well, can he now become the Goodwill Maruti or Goodwill Tata or how about Goodwill Mahindra?
  • “Polytickcian” left by the wayside.
  • You get admitted to the hospital for an appendectomy, but get a lobotomy instead.


Bystander effect? Watch two groups of people fight and do nothing; record a person being stabbed and share the video on (anti)social media to earn likes. (Read More)

Technology is supposed to bring us closer, but it has done the opposite. We have drifted apart. We can hardly talk or carry on a conversation; we move around like zombiesarms flailing, mouth agape, drooling, a blank stare; like an addict in search of a quick fix, we scan the phone continuously for an update from a fiend, I mean, a friend. We look at and talk to our mobile phone as if it is “my precious.” Social media has made us antisocial, and, it seems, nobody notices this fact.

People die because they are glued to their cellphone and are not paying attention to the hazards around them. People fall into a mall fountain because they are busy texting. Seven people drown while trying to take a selfie. People watch a man beating a woman and do nothing. Bystander effect has conquered us all. That’s why psychopaths ruling us get away with murder, and we couldn’t care less. 

Did you know that 26% of all driving accidents in the US were a result of using a cell phone while driving. In the US, 1.3 million car crashes were due to cell phone use while driving. It can be argued that texting while driving is more dangerous than drunk driving, but, who cares, we need our likes. In India, one person dies in a road accident every four minutes. I wonder how many of those deaths are due to distracted driving due to cell phone use.


First, run over people with your SUV and say you are falsely implicated. Next, hunt a black buck and say you are falsely implicated. Now, say that you “felt like a raped woman”, and… well, how long before you say that you have been falsely implicated? (Read More)

Can he not just rip off his shirt and show his muscles to get that role back? C’mon, he is a “superplanet,” I mean, a superstar, and he is very good at taking care of people sleeping on the pavement outside of a bakery. Can anybody answer this question of mine? He is a superstar; therefore, if his career collapses, will be become a black hole?

On a serious note, or maybe not, I could never understand how this terrible actor, who couldn’t act even if his life depended on it, becomes the king of “Boringwood”, I mean, Bollywood. Now, don’t get me wrong, many actors of “Harrowingwood”, I mean, Hollywood aren’t any better. Vin Diesel, anyone?


This “polytickcian” got hosed by the corrupt system, because he wasn’t corrupt enough. Now, he is living by the roadside. (Read More)

It seems that this “polytickcian” did not know the tricks of the trade; hence, he has been left by the wayside by the corrupt system. He should have known that, in the Indian political arena, the most difficult thing to do is to get a ticket and then get elected. Now, once you get elected, you have to follow this strategy to secure your future.

Step one: Do something

Step two: ????

Step three: Profit

Say what now?

“Medicallous” science in India. You cannot make this up. Butchers masquerading as doctors. (Read More)

So, is this management quota or reservation in education in action? They operated on the wrong foot. The person fractured his right foot and the doctors put screws on the left foot. Beat that, Mayo Clinic. I bet the doctors graduated from the Vishun Roy College of Medical Sciences, Bihar?

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